Friday, June 27, 2014

Maria Ruiz celebrates five years with Dynamic Health IT!

Dynamic Health IT would like to congratulate Maria on making five years with the company on June 29th!

Maria has been a true asset to our company since she joined us. In those five years, she has contributed skill, time, ideas, energy, and loyalty. We’ve noticed and appreciated all these contributions on our behalf!

Congrats on your 5 years of service with DHIT!  You’ve grown a lot during your time here and accomplished a lot.  Master of invoicing and ICD Pointer Table uploads are two that come to mind.  Also, I appreciate your new skills with web development!  I’m excited that you are finishing your Computer Science degree and look forward to you continuing your career development with DHIT. 
-- Jeff Robbins

I remember a brilliant young math genius, who simply needed a part time job while finishing college.  Fast forward five years, and  we have not only a graduate, but now a budding programmer working on a second degree and so knowledgeable now about healthcare IT!  I've enjoyed spending these years with you and not only watching your development, but also benefiting from your hard work.  I can't wait to have you on the team programming VBScripts for HL7Connect projects!!  I've very excited about that.
 -- Connie Zimmermann

What a journey! You have come a long way. I am looking forward to seeing you continue to soak in the knowledge and grow with DHIT! It's been amazing to see your palette of talents develop, from office administration to graphic and web design, ICD-9/10 and trademarking.  Next on the horizon... programming!
-- Raychelle Fernandez

It is a pleasure to work with Maria. She is a great asset to DHIT. Happy 5 years! 
-- Ozlem Kurt

Maria – It has been great working with you over the past three years!  You are a fantastic resource to DHIT and a wonderful roomie!  :)
-- Renee Martin 

No challenge is too great for this young crusader! Maria’s quiet but unrelenting work ethic is to be commended. I know working through school and a full time job will pay off for both you and DHIT! You’ve been an inspirational teacher to me and I enjoy working with you. Congratulations on 5 years of flourishing and best wishes for many more!
-- Beth Lanier

Maria’s resourceful problem solving abilities and diligence mixed with a pleasant personality make her an ideal employee and coworker. I am impressed and eager to watch her abilities grow over time.
-- Matthew Dugal

Maria is an awesome member of the DHIT team and it is such a pleasure to work with her. I learned many things from her and hope to keep learning from her in the future. Congratulations on making 5 years Maria!!!
-- Katelyn Borden

Thank you Maria for always driving me around when I didn't have a car and thanks for helping me at the office!
-- Luke Robbins

Thanks again Maria for your hard work and dedication to Dynamic Health IT!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

.NET/SQL Healthcare Software Developer (New Orleans)

Small, fast-growing dynamic local healthcare information technology company is looking for a New Orleans area individual with software development and programming expertise. Must be customer service oriented self-starter.

Required skills/experience:
- Database experience, including MS SQL Server. Ability to write Stored Procedures.
- Experience with web development and ASPX
- Knowledge/experience with software implementation/programming, including VB and/or .NET

Other desirable skills/experience:
- Experience with hospital/Healthcare application software
- Familiarity with XML
- Expertise with HL7
- Project management skills
- Experience with healthcare applications/workflow

Must be available to work here in the office. Excellent compensation. Flexible hours, good benefits, casual friendly work environment. Great location on street car line in uptown New Orleans
==> Excellent compensation + Benefits
==> Will pay $ for referrals!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Would a hardship exemption save you?

Are you doing everything you can to avoid the upcoming Medicare payment adjustment for the 2015 reporting year?
Payment adjustments for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program will begin on January 1, 2015 for eligible professionals.
All you need to do is complete the hardship exception application and supporting documentation that proves demonstrating meaningful use would be a significant hardship for you.
Applications for the 2015 payment adjustments are due July 1, 2014 for eligible professionals. If approved, the exception is valid for one year.
This applies to you if you are a Medicare provider who was unable to successfully demonstrate meaningful use for 2013.
CMS has posted hardship exception applications on the EHR website for:

You can also avoid payment adjustments by successfully demonstrating meaningful use prior to the payment adjustment.
Dynamic Health IT has solutions for Stage 2 MU & ONC Certification headaches.