Monday, April 15, 2013

Connie Zimmermann celebrates nine years with Dynamic Health IT!

Dynamic Health IT would like to congratulate Connie Zimmermann on making nine years with the company on April 14th!

Connie has been a real asset to our company since she joined us nine years ago. In those nine years, she has contributed skill, time, ideas, energy, and loyalty. We’ve noticed and appreciated all these contributions on our behalf!

Connie is great to work with. Her positive attitude is contagious.  Without her, DHIT wouldn't have been possible!
 -- Jeff Robbins, DHIT President

Connie is one of the most encouraging, dedicated individuals that I have ever had the experience of working with. I have enjoyed building the DHIT Team with her over the past 5 years. It’s wonderful to work hand in hand with a Team Member that sees the big picture. Thank you for all you are and Congrats on 9 years with DHIT! 
    -- Raychelle Fernandez, Director of Operations

Connie is a great team player and is always willing to lend a helping hand on a project or task.  It is great to see her smiling face every morning.  Happy 9 years!
   -- Renee Martin, Project Manager   

Connie, you are one of the keystones of DHIT.  It is a pleasure to work with you.  Happy 9th Anniversary at DHIT!
   -- Ozlem Kurt, Programmer

Connie's expertise and thoroughness make her an excellent knowledge resource; and her chipper attitude makes every week TGI Monday.
   -- Matthew Dugal, Programmer

From my first time meeting Connie for HL7 training until now, where I am so privileged to work with her, she has made me feel extremely welcome at DHIT and motivates me to bring more success to the company.
   -- Brian Oline, Programmer

Connie is one of the most zealous team players I have ever known! Congratulations on 9 years being one of the building blocks with DHIT; you're a pleasure to work with!
   -- Beth Lanier,  Sales Executive

Connie has been a great mentor and wonderful support, a definite strength to our DHIT team.
   -- Maria Ruiz,  Technical Assistant

It is a pleasure getting to work with Connie.  Her happy, optimistic personality makes work enjoyable.  I hope I have the pleasure of working w/ Connie for years to come.
   -- Michelle Yawn, Administrative Assistant

Thanks again Connie for your hard work and dedication to Dynamic Health IT!

Webinar: Enhanced Meditech CPOE Workflow

Join us to learn how the CPOE Dashboard was designed and implemented to fill important gaps in Summit's CPOE workflow.

Summit Health (Chambersburg and Waynesboro Hospitals) in Pennsylvania approached us with a problem: They wanted their Unit Secretaries to be involved with the workflow for CPOE but felt like Meditech lacked automated support in this area.

According to Ruth Ludwig, Manager of System Applications at Summit, “We wanted a way to engage unit secretaries and support personnel with CPOE orders without having to rely on Meditech's printed POM order sheet. Our goal was a paperless solution that freed unit secretaries from monitoring a printer.”

Ruth goes on to say, “Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) worked with us to design, develop and implement a browser-based work list and tracking board that refreshes automatically and highlights the orders that need review or follow-up. DHIT has been great to work with - very responsive and accommodating. We are looking forward to the many benefits this new CPOE Dashboard will bring to our facility!"

Clinicians and analysts at other hospitals have mentioned the need for an overhead tracking board or specific worklists targeted for other clinical personnel such as Respiratory Therapists. The CPOE Dashboard can meet these requirements, as well.

Please RSVP to join Summit Health and Dynamic Health IT for a webinar and demonstration of the CPOE Dashboard for Meditech Thursday April 18th at 1PM CST.

Friday, April 12, 2013

HITECH Certification Answers on MU Live!

Dynamic Health IT was featured this week on Meaningful Use Radio Show MU Live!

Jeff Robbins and Renee Martin joined Jim Tate and Roberta Mullin to discuss the topic of EHR Interoperability and Certification.

Click here to listen to a Podcast of the show!

Topics discussed include the differences in 2011 Edition and 2014 Edition HITECH Certification testing, details about a number of interoperability modules, implementation of Direct Protocol, differences in security modules in 2014, etc.

Our 2014 Edition certified bolt-on software, ConnectEHR, can be your interoperability solution for Stage 2.  DHIT works with vendors and hospitals in their certification efforts by providing  consulting and bolt-on software. 

ConnectEHR 1.0 meets the following certification criteria:
  • 170.314(a) (15) Patient-specific education resources
  • 170.314(b) (1) Transitions of care – receive, display, and incorporate transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314(b) (2) Transitions of care – create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314(b) (5) Incorporate laboratory test and values/results.
  • 170.314(b) (6) Inpatient setting only- transmission of electronic laboratory tests and values/results to ambulatory providers
  • 170.314(b) (7) Data Portability 
  • 170.314(d) (1) Authentication, access control, and authorization
  • 170.314(d) (2) Auditable events and tamper resistance
  • 170.314(d) (3) Audit Log
  • 170.314(d) (5) Automatic log-off
  • 170.314(d) (6) Emergency access
  • 170.314(d) (7) Encryption of data at rest
  • 170.314(d) (8) Integrity
  • 170.314(e) (1) View, download, and transmit to 3rd party
  • 170.314(e) (2) Ambulatory setting only-clinical summaries
  • 170.314(e) (3) Ambulatory setting only-secure messaging
  • 170.314(f) (2) Transmission to immunization registries
  • 170.314(f) (3) Transmission to public health agencies – Syndromic Surveillance
  • 170.314(f) (4) Inpatient setting only- transmission of reportable laboratory tests and values/results
  • 170.314(g) (1) Automated numerator recording 
  • 170.314(g) (4) Quality Management

If you need assistance on your 2011 or 2014 Edition certification, contact DHIT at
(504) 309-9103.